No Looking Back

I’m super glad to know Mike Indest and to be known by him as a friend. He is an on-air personality for a terrific Christian radio station in New Orleans. He has been working the front lines of Indie Christian music for as long as I’ve known him. He has supported the efforts of Andy’s Angels since it debuted. He is the radio voice for my last release Ekklassia. He sang with me on my Christmas cd Christmas in the Churchyard.

But Mike is an artist who creates his own wonderful material. One of my all time music faves from the last five years or so is his tune The Trouble Is…

Now he has released a collection of his material that is counterintuitively titled Don’t Look Back; cause it sort of does! If you enjoy music for its content and artistry then you will enjoy Don’t Look Back.



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Is just the way some people prefer it… Some people still like to hold a hard copy of the CD in their hand and look at the artwork. Some people like to download it and have it on their iPhones are there androids. And now some people just like to stream it directly from the Internet. So here is Ekklesia for you streamers! Enjoy!!


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Ekklassia Is Here

That’s right! Ekklessia is now available for free download by going to the Store tab!  It’s been a long and wonderful road, but now it’s time to release it to you all. Enjoy the 25 year silver anniversary  recording of this fine rock opera.  And be sure to pass the free download information onto as many friends as you wish.

 Also enjoy this interview by Down the Line Zine with author/composer Theodore Andrew Obrastoff.  Be sure to keep checking back here at AAR, because very soon all the lyrics to the opera will be posted here. 

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It’s been nearly ten months in the studio for Ekklassia. Recording began January 2016 at Snow Globe Studio, Mill Creek WA.  In March, the production migrated to Studio North, Lynnwood WA, and into the capable hands of its engineer, Ron Latimer.  Theo and Ron have labored with joy and creativity over what Obrastoff has named his “Mr O’s Opus.”  And now the release date has been announced.  Check it out below!

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Twenty-five years ago, the rock opera Ekklassia–following an entire year of rehearsing–was performed once and only once. The potency and relevance of the message has continued to haunt Obrastoff over all these years. And now, at just the right time, Theo has taken this opera into the recording studio in order to share Ekklassia with a greater audience on this the opera’s silver anniversary. Andy’s Angels Records is proud to announce the upcoming release (late Autumn 2016) of Theodore Andrew Obrastoff’s:


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Basement Tapes Interviews Theo

Just this last week Mike Indest interviewed Theo Obrastoff for Down The Line Zine’s Basement Tapes and here’s how it went down!


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Light It Up

The Blue Fuse released their first CD, Light It Up, on December 5th 2015. The EP includes four beautiful & rocking tracks. The release is intended as a promotional tool for booking gigs, but this sampler portends the promise of an incredible full LP down the road.

Light It Up is available here in our Store as well as at CD Baby and ITunes!


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A new live incarnation of Theo and friends is in the works. Imagine jazz standards, blues, funk and groovy 70’s happy vibe all lovingly fused together into a presentation that is both nostalgic and now!  That is probably the best that words can suffice to prepare y’all for what’s coming to venue near you!

Check out a first and early teaser HERE!

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Happy New Year (2015) to all!  We are proud to announce a very special upcoming gig. As the headline reads it is Theo & Friends and is subtitled: -a midwinter evening of music-

The event has been long in the planning and will feature mostly original tunes that Obrastoff has recorded or brought to the stage during the last 20+ years. You will hear songs from Come As A Child, Like An Orange To A Child, You Had To Have Been There, and the live album JOLT (from 1997, Shoreline Performing Arts Center/Seattle).

The event is graciously hosted by Theo’s church, Northlake Christian Church. It is not a religious event per se (although Obrastoff’s material is decidedly Christian), but Northlake’s generosity allows the event to be offered free of charge.  The special night is February 7, 2015 beginning at 7:00 PM. Click HERE for a link to the church site for directions and a phone number if you need more information.

Come in from the cold midwinter and warm yourselves in the company of others, a cozy atmosphere, and the hi-fi stylizations of Theo & Friends! See you there!!


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Christmas in the Churchyard is now available via the Store Tab!


The release is also available via ITunes and Amazon!  This seasonal album includes the wonderful talents of Mike Indest, Kristi Sunquist, Alisa George, Dick Richardson, Bern Coan and, of course, Theo Obrastoff. What a treat to enjoy such a gathering of friends! It is Christmas to the core!

We are exceedingly proud of this release and pray often that it will be an uplifting part of your holy day experience! Thank you all for your love and support over the last thirteen years of Andy’s Angels. –theo & family


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