ANDY’S ANGELS: Back With A Blessing!

That’s right!

God is breathing new life into this sacred mission–to honor the request of little Andy Obrastoff: “Don’t let them forget!” Forget what?  What it means to live life from the Kingdom perspective: Come as a child or not at all. It’s what Jesus said.  Andy didn’t want everything we had lived, enjoyed, endured to be lost–his experience, our experience together deserved to find its fullness by taking it all forward.

Now AAR (Andy’s Angels Records) becomes AAF (Andy’s Angels Foundation), with a bit of the “records” still in the mix. However, the mission now is to bring pastoral-counsel to families with a sick child (or children).  To help families walk the road set before them.  To help them personally discover what it is to trust God and lay all burdens down; to find rest for their souls.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but stay tuned for SO much more to come!

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