Daniel Amos

Of course Terry Scott Taylor is as much Andy’s Angels as any family member or friend!  His band, Daniel Amos, just released their new CD “Dig Here Said the Angel.”  It is their first new album in twelve years.  As I listened through for the first time I jotted down my thoughts:

I am in the process of listening to the new album (advanced release) by Daniel Amos.  It doesn’t do any good to say “And this is their best album ever.” That’s comparing apples and oranges. But it would be right to say that special things can happen when the maturity of lifetimes of making music come together into a project like this one. I hear a culmination of so many of their previous works …details that that have endeared me to DA over the decades. IMHO the signature guitar and keyboard work are like treasured friends and as these elements appear in the listening, they make me smile (not to mention that warm interior glowing). This album will be widely available soon. I know I will purchase the hard copy as well. I hope you all will do yourselves the favor, and treat yourselves to a copy as well. DIG HERE SAID THE ANGEL from DANIEL AMOS. It embraces all that makes a fan say, “CLASSIC!!”
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  1. Joey T. says:

    amen, brother!

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