The Blue Fuse is back at it but with a new twist! The band is performing mostly feel good faves from the 60’s & 70’s, soul & blues from the likes of Wilson Pickett, Redbone, Aaron Neville and many more. But they’re also returning to the studio for a new EP of originals that truly convey the same vibe as the  covers they’re performing.

But why a donation campaign?

Totally legit and thoughtful question! Who said it takes a village? No matter. The best things happen when friends and family band together. Fan-based projects are totally in vogue these days and the friends & family of Blue Fuse members are terrifically supportive people. But still, you may ask..?

Here’s the deal: members of the Blue Fuse are hugely involved in blessing the lives of other people. They work with the homeless, with people in recovery and more. They go places with their music that most don’t or won’t because not everybody who needs to be blessed and uplifted by happy tones and tunes makes it out to a venue. This outreach spirit behind The Blue Fuse–this alone makes it worthy of your contribution today!


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