Andrew Theodore Obrastoff was born September 30th 1985.  At the end of his eighth week of life he was diagnosed at Seattle Children’s Hospital with severe Cystic Fibrosis and moderate asthma. The first six months of his life were spent more in the hospital than out. Despite this tremendous challenge, the boy grew in grace and strength of character. He was full of life, love, and laughter.  The disease continued to take its toll upon his body. At the age of nine, Andy was pretty much done. One night his father, Theo Obrastoff, visited his son in the hospital and left thinking he had just hugged his son for the final time.

It was that night that a particular page came from the children’s hospital at Stanford University in California; a little girl, Andy’s age had died in a terrible car accident. Andrew would now receive a double-lung/heart transplant. This procedure has been in the news lately (2013) and some have named it a cure. It is in no way a cure. It is an extended lease on life. The transplant offers an average of two years more to live. Most of the CF medications are traded out for even greater amounts of anti-rejection medications.

With his usual good form, Andrew embraced this new challenge. The transplant purchased him two wonderful years wherein he enjoyed a level of health he had never before experienced. After those first two years though, his health took a turn, and slowly over the next four years his condition deteriorated and life was a daily struggle. Never-the-less, the boy remained on-game. He was the vice-president of his ninth grade class at Snohomish County Christian School.  He had a girl-friend (Violet) who would prove the love of his life. However, his spirituality began to take on a new and (for his age) incredibly mature role in his life. More and more he coveted his one on one time with his father (Theo).

Theo and Andrew had enjoyed many road trips because of the transplant in California. They planned one final road trip, but only drove a short distance before stopping to slow down and just enjoy being together.  After the road trip Andrew was readmitted to Children’s hospital in Seattle. For more information on this period of time please write to us for a copy of Theo Obrastoff’s account “The Father Loves the Son.”  It became clear that Andrew was now in his final days upon this earth. His anxiety rose. He struggled. He had a very dark night of the soul. He asked his father to move into the hospital with him, which Theo did.

The music of Terry Scott Taylor become central to each day; listening to it, discussing it, and just plain enjoying it. A parent from Andy’s school asked if they could do a “Make A Wish” for him, but there was not time for that now. Earlier that week Theo had dreamed of Taylor coming to sing and pray over his son. The short end of the story is that within a few days Terry Taylor showed up at the hospital, met with Andrew, and sang/prayed over the boy.

Andrew Obrastoff touched thousands of lives during the short time he was among us. When he passed into the arms of his Savior, Christ Jesus, his story literally went out to millions all around the world.  The bumper stickers can still be spotted in traffic from time to time: “Life is short; live well, love well.”  For more of the story, view the video link below, purchase the book, or simply surf the internet.

Comfort & Joy,

Andy’s Angels RecordS

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